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You can find several of the most commonly asked questions answered here. If you have a question we did not answer here, please call our office at 407-859-5586. We look forward to helping you!

Are their choices for updating my existing fireplace face?

Yes, you can remove the existing glass door and have a current model custom measured and installed for a fresh new look without altering the existing shell.

Can an electric fireplace be mobile?

Yes, most electric fireplaces that we sell simply sit unattached against a wall and may be moved from room to room, or even to your next house.

Can I install a fireplace in my home without a chimney?

Yes, you would either choose one of our vent free fireplaces or a direct vent which can be vented horizontally out an exterior wall.

Can I install gas logs in my existing fireplace?

Absolutely, all fireplaces can be converted over to a gas burning fireplace.

Can I purchase a grill that can be built into a cabinet?

Yes and this is our specialty. From grills to side burners we can create any type of outdoor kitchen in multiple styles and finishes.

What fireplaces can be installed in a bedroom?

All versions of fireplaces can be installed in bedrooms (sleeping quarters) except for vent free which is not allowed by code.

What if I don’t have natural gas in my area?

No problem, all gas logs/fireplaces can either operate on natural gas or LP. Simply have a gas tank installed and you’re in business. We can help with all aspects of the installation.

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